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The only RULE

At AWL Creative, we're all about supporting and encouraging women in business, along with their clients. However, if anyone, including you or your guests, acts disrespectfully or unkindly towards others while here, you'll be asked to leave.
No refunds will be provided.

Treat people how you want to be treated.

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studios + spaces

There are a few ways to book a studio space:
- Through our booking portal
- Email us and let us know what type of studio you need, date, start and end times.
- Call us and we can help get you scheduled

Studio rentals are booked by the hour, with a one hour minimum. Your rental time will start when you enter the studio and will end when you exit the studio. This includes setup and breakdown time.

If you need additional time to setup or breakdown, we recommend booking additional time. If you arrive early, you're welcome to hang out in one of our seating area and enjoy a cup of coffee.

If there isn't another booking right after yours, let one of our team members know, and we'll extend your booking. If you go over your scheduled time, you'll be charged for an extra hour. Your rental time ends when you leave the studio, and you can pay for any additional time before you go.

We usually have time gaps between bookings, but we understand that sometimes things don't go as planned. However, if you run over your time and cause someone else to be late for their session, you'll be charged a $100 inconvenience fee. (see "The Only Rule".)


For rentals longer than six hours, we offer a 10% discount.

No refunds. No reschedules.

PEAK HOURS: Saturdays & Sundays, 7am - 6pm

A 50% refund will be provided if booking is cancelled before 72 hours of rental start time.

If booking is cancelled within 72 hours of rental start time, payment will be forfeited in full. 


We can reschedule your booking at no charge. We are happy to do this one time per booking.
If you need to reschedule again, you will be charged a reschedule fee of 25% of your total booking cost.

You will be charged a reschedule fee of 50% of your total booking cost.

PEAK HOURS: Saturdays & Sundays 7am - 6pm

No refunds. No reschedules.


We sure do! We have everything from inflatable beds to beautiful loveseats to faux plants.
You can add products to your booking through our booking system. All products added to your booking will be in the studio prior to your arrival so you should be ready to rock 'n roll when your booking starts.
Please return any items you used to where you found them.

Short answer - yes, if any of the other studios or spaces aren't booked at the same time, you are welcome to quickly pop in to the another studio or space to get different looks. 

Absolutely no baking flour, glitter, confetti, sand, slime, alcohol consumption without prior permission (contact us), or filming of pornography. No loud noises or messy materials without prior approval.

We ensure each studio and space is cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival. If you feel a studio is not adequately clean, please let us know. We ask that you clean after yourself and return everything where you found it - or you will be billed a housekeeping fee.

Accidents happen! But, you'll still have to pay to fix or replace the broken item. Let a team member know immediately. 

Absolutely! Or, you can save yourself the hassle and rent our equipment and decor during your booking. Click HERE for the the full list of lighting equipment and add-ons available to rent during your studio session.
Any personal item left behind will be held for up to seven (7) days and then all abandoned items will be tossed.

All clients and guests of clients entering the building must sign in at the front desk upon arrival.  We ask that you are considerate of the creative environment during your time in our studios and keep voices low. Children must be kept under control and under parent/guardian supervision at all times.  Members are responsible for their guest in accordance with the AWL’s policy. Friendly dogs are welcome - and just like kids, must be kept under control at all times. 

If you want to hang something on the walls, you must use removable adhesive strips.  If you want to hang anything on the brick walls, please contact us.

Friendly dogs are welcome - and just like kids, must be kept under control at all times. 


We welcome everyone to apply for membership - except racists, homophobes, assholes and mean girls.

No - You'll have to cancel your membership and then reapply for membership when you are ready to rejoin.

Members must provide a 60-day written notice to our AWL Community Manager with intent to cancel. Your last month will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in your contract. If you want to rejoin at a later time, you'll have to reapply.

You can upgrade or downgrade your membership plan by providing a written notice to the AWL Community Manager with your intent to change tiers thirty days prior to the effective date. The new membership level shall be in effect on the 1st day of the following month once the 30 days have lapsed.

You will receive an invoice for membership each month through Nexudus, our AWL Member Portal. Membership due dates are on the 1st of every month. - A 10% late fee will be applied to accounts with outstanding invoices past 10 days. It’s best to set up your account for autopay - one less thing to remember each month!

Once your rental time has ended, an invoice will be created and emailed to you. You can access all of your invoices by signing into your account in the AWL Portal.
If you have a credit card on file, your invoice will automatically charge to that credit card.. 
Payment must be submitted in full within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving an invoice. 

AWL members have an opportunity to refer other members and potentially pay off their monthly membership fee. Each member referred will result in 10% off their monthly membership fee. 10% will be deducted each month that the referred member has an active membership.
With ten (10) referrals, a member can have their monthly membership fee reduced to as low as $0.

A $25 fee will be charged to your account. 

If booking is cancelled within 72 hours of rental start time, no refunds. Any hours used will be forfeited and any remaining amount due will be invoiced to your account.

No refunds. No reschedules.



non-PEAK HOURS - Reschedules

Reschedules must be for the same amount of original time or greater. Otherwise, it will be considered a cancellation. ie: You need to reschedule, but your original booking had 5 hours, but your reschedule will only need 4 hours. Reschedule date must occur in the same month.
To be considered a reschedule, member must provide written notice to AWL team of the new booking date within 24 hours of reschedule request.

Note - This policy does not apply to coworking bookings.

A $25 fee will be charged to your account.

If booking needs to be rescheduled within 72 hours of rental start time, a $15 fee will be applied for every hour that needs to be rescheduled. 

*The policies are designed so time slots on our booking calendar is not wasted by people “time hogging” the calendar by putting holds for “soft holds” and/or cancelling last minute - thus keeping others from booking time in the studios. We also book events months in advance and if there is a studio booking on the calendar, that date/ time becomes unavailable for an event booking. Many vendors charge a reschedule/cancellation fee to clients. We’re not telling you how to run your business, but maybe consider doing so - to encourage your clients to respect your time & booking calendar! :-)

Thank you for understanding that we are a community and we all affect each other! 

We encourage you to take selfies and photos of the space to post on social stories, etc. But if it's a "photo session" - no, you must book a photography studio. Coworking hours are to be used for coworking. Not photo sessions. If we find out you are doing so without booking a photo studio, it's technically stealing and goes against our #1 rule.

Depending on your membership allocations - when you book a studio, those hours will be pulled from your "Benefits" in account in the AWL Member Portal. After you have used all of your monthly hours, the hourly rate (based on studio type) will be charged to your Nexudus account. An invoice will be created at the end of your rental time and automatically charged to your credit card on file.

The booking system will automatically "charge" your account by pulling from your included hours first, however if you've already made a future booking using those hours then there are will not be any hours for the system to pull from.

Example: If your first booking is on the 20th, the system will use your free hours for that booking (dependent on the hours you get in your membership per month vs the duration of your booking), but you add a booking for the 15th, your monthly hours have already been "charged/ pulled" by Nexudus for the first booked (not first completed) booking, so, you will be expected to pay out of pocket for the booking on the 15th. You aren't being cheated out of your hours, don't worry! That said, hours do not carry over each month. If you don't use 'em, you lose 'em. 

To break it down for you in the easiest way:
Let's assume your membership includes 2 hours per month in a creative studio.
Remember - If you don’t use them, you lose them.
On the first of each month, the system reloads 2 hours into your account.
ie: So let's say if book a studio for April in March, come April 1 your hours will be applied to that booking. If you made more than 2 hours worth of bookings, the system will apply those 2 hours to whichever booking in April you made first (see Q&A above for clarification on why that is).
Until then, any bookings you make in future months will show a “balance owed” – but again, once the first day of that month hits, that $ balance will be replaced by the hours in your account for that month.

That’s why we don’t require members to pay upon booking, but payment due upon booking completion.

No. We aren't Verizon.
We highly encourage you to use the hours, otherwise you lose them!

Our Community Manager will reach out to you to schedule your on-boarding orientation.

Please submit your logo, 3-4 photos, your company tagline and a 3-4 sentence description to hello@awlcreative.com. All files should be web-size and png format.

We have become the go-to for wedding, creative and professional services for the Loudoun County area and beyond, and we love to pass on the inquiries to our members. From the vendor inquiry form on our website to frequent walk-ins, we are proud to connect members to potential clients. 

Depending on your membership plan, you can bring a guest to cowork with you for a day. This is for use of coworking space only. If you need to work in a conference room or private office, you will need to book a space accordingly. 

We have multiple platforms that are designed to directly market your services to potential clients. From The AWL Vendor Catalogue (powerful SEO = high traffic = more clients for you!), the business card display located in the entry of our building, to sharing your event on AWL socials and calendar (if hosted at AWL) and the opportunity to present in front of our members during monthly member meetings, we have many incredible ways to help you market your business and grow your potential client base. We want to help your business grow! 

The company

Studios and spaces are available by appointment only through our booking system.
Monday  -   Closed to the public
Tuesday - Sunday  -   8:30am - 5:00pm

Contact us if you want to book a studio or space outside of business hours.

Yes! Please contact us for more information.

THE MAMA BEAR CLAUSE: At AWL Creative at A Wedding Loft, LLC our children come first. They are our highest priority. AWL will do everything in our power to avoid having to cancel an event. However, in the unexpected circumstance that our children need us, AWL reserve the right to cancel, close, reschedule any event hosted by AWL. All ticket sales will be fully refunded within thirty (30) days. This includes, but not limited to circumstances such as illnesses, school closures, or family emergencies.
This does not apply to studio space or private event space rentals.

So to make a long story short, the difference is the type of clients and services. AWL Creative is a female-inspired business incubator with the creative spaces, business education and resources, that fosters an empowering community. A Wedding Loft is a resource for engaged couples and a place to hold private events. Same location though! 11 South King Street has become a very busy place!

That's the plan! We're working our asses off to expand.
Interested in investing?  We're currently looking for investors, so if you know anyone, let us know!