We celebrate our Diversity.
We are proud of our Inclusivity.

We celebrate our Diversity.
We are proud of our Inclusivity.

The PRO(fessional)-HOME for WOMEN

                            free of negativity and judgement.

-  The innovative solution to the lack of professional spaces and business services intentionally designed for women.


The views expressed and circumstances described below are true to the company brand - real, and uncensored. A direct, emotional reflection after hearing and experiencing just one too many "WTF" situations women continuously resort to - due to the lack of affordable professional spaces, business resources and services available and intentionally designed for females.

Just one "WTF" situation is one too many.

The PURPOSE of AWL Creative at A Wedding Loft is to provide you - the female.... creative, small business owner, entrepreneur, wedding professional - with a bunch of services and resources, you need to push your business to that next level.

Important stuff like…

• Daily Workspaces: A table, comfy chair, & wifi so you’re not stuck asking your dog what day of the week it is because you haven’t seen another human in 3 days.

• Education: Maybe some of us learn how to properly file our business taxes. Maybe some of us learn how to start a new podcast. Or maybe we all learn how to take better care of ourselves through a time management seminar or a work/life balance workshop. Smart stuff like that.

• Networking Events: Because expanding your networking is important.

• Professional Referrals: Doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or been doing this forever and nothing shocks you anymore, you need referrals. Facebook is only so reliable.

So, and stay with me here…

Some women need the professional (and pretty) meeting space.
Tell me if you can relate?
Noisey, overcrowded coffee shops can seem a little unprofessional when there is a screaming kid in the next booth and your laptop is stuck to the table. Ugh, and what was the wifi password again? I think I saw it somewhere. Now I have to stand in line to ask the barista. FML. 

Maybe you’re just done with having to clean your house or stash the kids/ dog/ partner away every time you have a client coming over for a photo shoot/ cake tasting/ planning session/ floral design mtg/ etc. etc. etc. (Reminder - check the guest bathroom and make sure there's toilet paper!)

Do you have to reserve the your neighborhood's clubhouse for a 90 minute Hair and Makeup trial? Well, guess what? Some dude thinks it's his office and is on a conference call. Awesome.

Or maybe you’re done with holding consults in your apartment. An apartment that requires a code to drive through your security gate. Plus, the house cleaning thing…

the elevator pitch

Photographers - this one's for you...

You have a maternity/ motherhood/ engagement/ breastfeeding shoot. Your client wants to roll around in a fresh field of wildflowers during golden hour... but, guess what? It's gonna rain tonight and she's only available tonight. Where do you go to shoot? 


(Trigger warning)
Or let's flip it - you're a woman looking to have a boudoir session done. You're feelin' yourself and you've been wanting to do one since forever. Cool! Congrats! Go for it! You've been following some photographer on Instagram and they always make the girls looks sexy AF. You want that. and you deserve it. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF.
But... you DM the photographer and he asks you to meet him at a "Private Studio". It ends up being a interstate hotel? Airbnb in the mountains? Or is it their home studio... i mean, you think it's their home studio, but when WAZE tells you you've arrived at your location, you park your car in some back alley or dark garage and you find the address. You knock and some guy answers the door. "CRAP!" you think to yourself. You suddenly realize, "I don't know this person! Do I stay? Does Maddy (idk) still have my location? Why didn't I tell anyone where I was going? Why am I so stupid? Seriously!? Why? Because I thought they would judge me for doing a photo shoot?" Your mind's racing, your skins on fire, and you start to freak the hell out. Your instincts are screaming at you to run and your skin feels like it's on fire.. You turn to leave but the door shuts and you hear a click....

Boudoir shoots are already intimate - and sometimes intimidating for many women.
Fear for your personal safety should never enter the emotional equation. EVER. 


But also - don't invite strangers into your home - your babies live there and you don't know that friend they brought with them. Don't go into strangers home. Do you see what I'm saying here? WOMEN HAVE TO BE CAREFUL. WHY IS WHERE WE OPERATE OUR BUSINESS SOMETHING WE HAVE TO ADD TO THE LIST?

Deep Breathe in. Now Exhale.
Let's keep going.

Business owners need business education, at all stages of the game. Good or bad - the way things are done is always changing. (Radio --> Podcasts, Newspaper --> Facebook; Yellowpages --> Google My Business; Checkbooks --> Quickbooks, etc etc etc) So we offer workshops and classes, specifically designed for women. (There's many reasons for that - you can read the specifics here - The story of how AWL became a real thing

If you're still reading this - Thank you!! I'm sure I lost like 98% of our readers. Oh well - this is probably some sort of therapy for me - who know. 

Maybe you don’t need ALL of these super cool things we provide to female entrepreneurs and their clients, But consider this... and said differently - You pay for a membership but do you use or have a need for all the services that Co$tco's has? I’m a member and I mainly go for gas, delicious rotisserie chicken wings, and insanely large box of Cheerios (kids).  And unlike me, you may be a member for the pharmacy and flatscreen deals.
My point is - you and I, both have a membership but we use it for different things! Make sense? 

What I'm trying to say is, if you resonated or found yourself in any of the situations above - You should join our community. Click Here to learn more.

Anyways - I really hope you understand the purpose behind our hard work and passion. This concept and company means so much to so many people. We are so many things to so many people. And I didn't even cover the private events or wedding stuff!  Check it all out on our sister company's website - A Wedding Loft. 

Please Note - the words used were chosen with thought, love, and intent. I am a woman, born a woman, so obviously, that's all I know from first-hand experience. AWL Creative at A Wedding Loft is a safe space for everyone, not just females. I am extremely proud of the diversity and inclusivity within the AWL Community and recurring client base. We accept everyone, with the exception of racists, homophobes, assholes, and mean girls. Please don't make me add more to that list.

Thanks for listening!


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