We understand that you work hard to run your business – so give your business the professional location it deserves. Impress your clients when you schedule your trials and glam sessions in one of our beauty stations. Each of our beauty stations are equipped with a salon chair, large table tops, rolling trays, and LED vanities. We'll even greet your clients and offer them a refreshment! If you're running late, we'll escort them to our beautiful seating area. Consider us part of your team!



Private, Fully-Equipped Beauty Stations, with natural and LED lighting.
The perfect location to meet your clients!

We care about you and your personal safety. Meeting clients at their house is a huge safety concern, and inviting complete strangers into your house is not only a safety and privacy concern, but also a huge hassle! Having to make sure kids are quiet, dogs are stashed away, and hopefully they aren’t allergic to your cat! Remembering to restock the toilet paper and cut the grass is also a giant pain in the ass. So just rent one of our beauty stations and make running your business (and life!) a little easier.

Your safety
is why
we are here.

Coffee, Tea & Water

LED Mirror, High-Top Table & Salon Chair

WiFi and Charging Stations

Friendly Concierge

Included to Maximize your Meeting


+ super affordable

A: We sure do! Contact us for rates.

Q: Do you offer multi-day discounts?

We understand how hard it can be to find a professional meeting space that fits the creative industry's needs. Dependent on the business type, female business owners often resort to meeting clients (strangers) at their homes, invite clients into their own homes, or meet at locations that may not make women feel comfortable (think hotel room for photoshoot or private office for accounting services). The lack of affordable and professional spaces designed for women put women’s personal safety at risk. Not knowing who you are inviting into your home is a very serious situation women should not have to resort to due to lack of options.

We provide a neutral location for women to operate their businesses eliminating the threat to their personal safety. All guests must check in with the front desk and we have security systems setup for those who wish to operate after hours.

your safety is why we are here.

I LOVE this place! As a makeup artist, I love having a professional space to meet my clients for trials or photo shoots. It’s been so much fun collaborating with other makeup artists, hair stylist and photographers!

-  Brigid, Makeup Artist

SPACE TO BE... official.

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